Startup Venture Capital Presentation 1

Startup Venture Capital Presentation

in , on April 26, 2019

This startup VC pitch deck framework was co-developed with three of the top venture capital firms in Seattle and San Francisco.  A great pitch deck needs to be 10-15 minutes in length with the ability to shorten it to 5.

The pitch deck should be 10-12 slides discussing the need, market/opportunity, solution, and financials.   A focus on delivering growing profitability and market penetration with a break-even plan of ~18 months.  Investors are looking at most opportunities in early-stage funding for 18-month milestones for market traction and profitability/revenue.

Guidance for all slides is available at where we can assist you with the planning, development or creation of the perfect pitch deck.

These slides are fully editable and a good reference for the required financial framework.  This presentation was voted a top 10 finalist at a regional startup competition and comes highly recommended.

Format: PowerPoint

Slides: 21 in total, all editable

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