About Us was built to inspire businesses in all segments to create consistent growth.  Our direct team and community of experts experienced in sales, marketing and strategy can assist your business with any business initiative.

There are valuable tools and resources throughout the world which we are working hard to consolidate into our platform and community.  We invite all like minded professionals to join our team to provide tools, strategy or services to businesses leveraging Sales Rake for their unique needs.

Our direct team is an experience group of sales, marketing and business executives who have managed and grown billions in revenue through B2B products in software, SAAS, IT, insurance, commodities as well B2C models in restaurants, consumables, and various online businesses.  We strive to relay our subject matter expertise to the Sales Rake community as well grow our partnerships with top consultants and experts in their respective field.

We have large aspirations with above and beyond our marketplace for digital products and we will continue to build out our capabilities as we expand with our partners.  If you have a need or product we can create that will help your business grow, please contact us and lets partner to make every business successful. 

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